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Australia Post
Brady Jacobsen

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Project Overview

Australia Post provides a number of well-known and highly-used functions via its corporate website. With web-enabled mobile devices now a part of everyday life, it was only natural to extend such functions into the mobility space. Together with Deloitte, Australia Post has created two compelling mobile offerings for the iPhone and the wider Smartphone community: a dedicated iPhone application and a mobile website, both of which provide users with ‘Post on the go’.

Project Brief

Deloitte delivered the project in 10 weeks due to the close and collaborative working relationship between Australia Post and Deloitte. The mobile website was an important element to the overall solution – ensuring users of Blackberry and Android devices are catered for – along with iPhone users who wished to use a browser rather than a downloaded application.
Popular functions such as Postcode Search, Postcode Calculator and Track my Item, allows users to access the same real-time information as the Australia Post corporate website, providing a seamless experience for users on a varying broad spectrum of devices. Another innovative function of the app is ‘Find Us’ – which makes use of the device’s GPS co-ordinates and Google Maps to locate the closest Australia Post Street Posting Box or Post Office. The data interface for Find Us, provided by Map Data Sciences, ensures that accurate location data can be provided to users on every map movement.

Project Innovation / Need

Australia Post’s new offering has improved convenience and experience for its large online user base, and has provided a new connection to customers with increasingly mobile communication needs.

User Experience

The simple approach taken with the mobile website and iPhone app was to surface the most used online features of Australia Post in the most easy to use fashion, and to the widest possible audience. The experience needed to reflect the recent rebranding of the public website, and in the mobile web offering, much of the user experience controls were refactored - creating a sense of familiarity with the user from the beginning.

Public reaction to the new iPhone application and mobile website is a testament to how this approach was received, with the iPhone app quickly rising up the popularity charts of Apple’s App Store, making it the top app in the Business category for approximately three months.

Project Marketing

The Australia Post public website was the logical place to start - after all the iPhone app and mobile site were aimed at being mobile extensions of the most frequently used online functions. Cross promotions and various marketing campaigns were a big part of the very early success. With Australia Post being “part of every day”, and one of Australia’s most recognised and trusted brands, the iPhone app and mobile website soon started to receive high levels of usage.

The “A post office in your pocket” campaign was started on the website, which also included the launch of a Windows 7 mobile app - to round out the mobility offering from Australia Post.