iFrockUp iPhone app - Direct Digital (for the High School formals brand)

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Project Team

Mandy Stevens (Direct Digital) and Clive France (Internetics)

Project Overview

iFrockUp is the latest way to get fashion advice for events like formals, proms, balls and parties! Anyone deciding on what to wear for a big event can upload fashion photos to iFrockUp and have their friends and followers rate their dresses, hairstyles, shoes and more on Facebook and Twitter.

Project Brief

iFrockUp, designed by innovative Brisbane-based publisher Direct Digital, is at the forefront of digital technology. It is the first fashion App in the world to link the iPhone, Facebook and Twitter in real time for rating fashion choices.

Direct Digital teamed up with mobile technology firm, Internetics, to bring iFrockUp to life. This app speaks to the target audience and combines mobile technology and social media in an appealing and intuitive way.

Using iFrockUp, you can countdown to special events and get your friends to ‘rate or hate’ your fashion choices through Facebook or Twitter. All votes are registered in a database that communicates with the App in real time. Dresses, hairstyles, shoes and bling are ranked according to their popularity within the App.

iFrockUp also lets you write notes on price or style, create shortlists and ‘top secret’ anything you don’t want friends to see or share. It's is designed for for fashion conscious iPhone/ iPod Touch users preparing for any special events such as balls, parties, formals and proms, and is suitable for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Project Innovation / Need

iFrockUp is innovative in that it was the first fashion App in the world to link the iPhone, Facebook and Twitter in real time for rating fashion choices. It's also innovative in that it has been designed from day one to address the needs of the target audience, needs which it fulfils by by combining imagery, mobile technology and social media integration in a seamless, user-friendly and appealing way.

User Experience

Teenagers have used iFrockUp to capture images of themselves and then share these images on Facebook and Twitter to get feedback / ratings on potential formal outfits.

The advantage of being able to use the App is that people can sort out potential fashion faux pas from fabulous fashion items so they don't risk a fashion disaster on their big night.

Project Marketing

iFrockUp was marketed via the HighschoolFormals.com.au website as a gift for HSF visitors, plus it also contains branded ads of HSF fashion partners.

it was also marketed via Facebook and through media releases that were sent out to national print publications and tech sites such as PC Authority and CNET. The app received coverage in the press predominately because of its rich feature set and application which led to it achieving 6,000+ downloads so far via the AppStore.