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Mobile Awards - Winner

Project Commissioner

Rebel Sport
Elisabeth Spence

Project Creator

Chris James
Founder & Creative Director - CUSTARD
Rhubarb & Custard

Project Team

Creative Directors - Helen Cowley & Chris James Art Direction/Design - Thales Macedo Development - Luke Johnson

Project Overview

This app comes with a warning! - Once you use it you will never look at a chocolate bar in the same way.

In a world of fast foods and snacking, we sometimes need a little friendly help to stop us reaching for the next chocolate bar. Time To Burn It is designed to let people quickly check out how much time they're going to have to spend at the gym each time they reach for a snack.
You know, like your pocket conscience when you have no will power.

Project Brief

Everyone wants an open brief from a client... after all, isn't that the perfect brief?

Create an App that engages people that are health and fitness aware. Make it simple, Make it fun. Make it something different from Rebel Sport.

Project Innovation / Need

Whilst every other health and calorie counter app is complicated, relying on the user to have to know calorie values, Body Mass indexes, heart rate and more, Time to Burn it simply distills it down into a simple truth.

If I eat something, how long do I have to exercise to work it off.

It's not brain science... its simple.

The innovative part of this project was simply that, cut through the complexities and provide something that was simple and engaging.

User Experience

As the App was simple it didn't take much for the user to engage. And engage they did.

With close to 35,000 downloads in the first 2 months the app stayed on the AppStore homepage in New and Noteworthy for close to 3 weeks and was the top Free App in the Health and Fitness section for close to 5 weeks.

But downloads weren't enough, our aim was to prove people found the app useful and fun. Each time someone chose a food and then an exercise we classed it as 1 calculation. In the first 2 months there we're over 500,000 calculations completed. Pretty good going for Rebel Sport's first iPhone app!

The success and feedback from consumers has lead us to create a second version with even more foods and exercises, plus a Pro version that cost just 99c, allowing people to enter their own vital statistics to customise the calculations to them.

Project Marketing

We marketed the app on the front of Rebel Sport's catalogues, on their eDM mail outs and on store windows. This lead a massive spike in interest.

There was also social and blogger activity within the campaign that allowed us to get the app featured in editorial style content on a number of websites.

Within the app were social marketing triggers, such as posting results onto walls warning friends about the exercise realities of eating a Big Mac.