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Mobile Awards - Finalist

Project Commissioner

Sportsgirl & Mnet Group
Kate Elton

Project Creator

Megan Doolan
Senior Account Manager
Mnet Group

Project Team

Kristy Manson - Director of Sales & Marketing, Megan Doolan - Account Manager, Lui Iuliano – CTO, Andrew Carpenter - Mobile Web Developer, Lee Parker - Director of Content, Mary Vu - Video Post Producer, Jana Perazzo - Sportsgirl Graphic Designer, Kate Elton - Sportsgirl Online Manager

Project Overview

Mobile is the internet out there in the real world. QR codes are one way to open the connection. This was campaign for the mobile purist; contextual, outdoor, exposing mobile to passers-by, the unconverted and adopters alike, extending and expanding brand experience and product packaging from the physical world to the digital world.

Mnet applied cutting edge mobile web, including HTML5, to deliver a slick experience that carried the brand image seamlessly through a video to measurable outcomes such as sign up, social media sharing and m-site page sessions.

Project Brief

The Sportsgirl target market has a huge appetite for mobile and, through the success of the agnostic mobile platform launched at the end of June 2010, Sportsgirl knew their users were ready to engage with more mobile marketing from the brand.

Recognizing the growth in QR code scanning internationally, Sportsgirl approached Mnet to build and execute a QR code experience for their customers. Mnet Group data and research demonstrated a growing appetite for scanning; in Q3 and Q4 of 2010 QR codes usage rose a staggering 1200% in the US (Mobio), driven by Christmas season marketing and the burgeoning mCommerce ecosystem, including popular shopping comparison apps like ‘Red Laser’, which rely on scanning.

Project Innovation / Need

Sportsgirl’s strategy focussed on bringing QR codes to their customer using their store front, via their website and Facebook and promo teams.

QR code signage was installed in 111 storefronts nationally. Launched as part of Sportsgirl’s ‘Join Us’ campaign, signage included a URL and recommended scanner download. Once scanned the code allowed girls to stream or download an exclusive style guide video. Links directed girls to the Sportsgirl mCommerce platform to shop the looks and enabled them to share the content via social networks.
To support the education of the technology, Sportsgirl ran instore events where their girls were invited to ‘join us’ instore to learn from ‘QR experts’ who taught them how to use the technology on iPads and iPhones. To coincide with this, they ran a Facebook competition where girls were encouraged to share a Sportsgirl QR code on their Facebook walls, which in turn broadened Sportsgirl’s Facebook audience.

Mnet built the site with a deceptively simple integrated flow to the video stream, or download on legacy devices, followed by a simple registration flow. Mnet Group’s 10 year experience developing mobile marketing campaigns and our platform ensure an optimised experience per device, with the iPhone having its own version of the site for instance.

This included use of HTML5 to manipulate the video and images. The site uses HTML5 video for playback on iPhone and orientation detection on iPhone to swap in high-res images.

User Experience

Quality and integrity of experience is vital for all brands, none more so than Sportsgirl. Multiple versions of the site ensured pixel perfect rendering on all devices and a tailored experiences for key operating systems, for example the use of HTML5 on iPhone to better manage media.

The opening and closing segments of the video had a black background, which was picked up in the sign-up and share page, delivering a completely seamless flow, as if the video itself was interactive.

Project Marketing

With just over 100 stores nationally, the Join Us QR code campaign ran for 6 weeks.