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Project Contact

Project Team

Executive Producer - Gabby Shaw Producer Caroline Kinny-Lewis User Experience Design - Meena Tharmarajah Art Direction and Design - Dale Smart Development Secret Lab Technical Consultants Jake MacMullin and Mark King Mobile Consultant - Manuela Davidson

Project Overview

ABC Foodi delivers favourite chef recipes from ABC TV and Radio on your iPad. Flip through recipes by dish, browse by season, chef, or occasion such as entertaining. Use Cook Mode in the kitchen and follow the step-by-step approach to cooking. You can switch to voice control if you have sticky fingers.

Project Brief

ABC Foodi contains over 140 chef recipes from Poh Ling Yeow, Maggie Beer, Matt Moran, Bill Granger and many more. Search by occasion, dish type or select recipes based on season.

When you're ready too cook, switch Foodi into cook mode and use the simple step-by-step view or voice control to prepare the dish.
Other features include personal notes, timers, a favourites folder and a shopping list.

Project Innovation / Need

ABC Foodi was the first cooking app on the iPad to introduce voice control so you can cook with sticky fingers.

Foodi takes existing content from many ABC sources and presents it in an easy to digest format on a new device.

ABC Foodi includes an A-Z photographic listing so users can browse all recipes in a classic cookbook index with the added feature of photos of finished dishes.

Each step on the method contains easy to activate pre-set timers to manage complex recipes.

User Experience

Users are generally alreday familiar with the Chefs and are able to access their favourate ABC recipes in the one place via search or browse.

We decided to cater for users who are both passionate Foodis and know what they want to cook or allow people to browse for inspiration if they dont know what they want.

We conducted user testing to cater for all personas and we carefully crafted the UX design to cater for recipe selection and ease of use in the kitchen.

Project Marketing

We decided to use the ABC's existing social media channels as well as a series of interviews with traditional media.

We also leveraged the chef's own social media connections and they were generally enthusiastic to tweet about it.

We have sucessfully engaged the existing ABC food audience as well as reached a new audience via features in the iTunes store shortly after launch.