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Robin van Kuijk Erik Rathmayr

Project Overview

Temporary Gallery is an innovative online social news platform / community for visual and performing artists, art lovers, related industries and venues.

Project Brief

Temporary Gallery explores new ways to engage artists by utilising new technology to reach a broader audience. Essentially a social media playground for artists, art lovers and anybody involved in the industry, Temporary Gallery is a fantastic marketing tool for emerging artists to showcase their work, and for industry types to spread the word about their projects.

Project Innovation / Need

Endorsing creative expression and facilitating networks are the cornerstone of Temporary Gallery, which itself is not a technology, but an audience where artists are free to showcase their work in a digital format.

User Experience

The content for Temporary Gallery App is exclusively supplied and written by our audience and members. ;-)

Project Marketing

Our marketing efforts mainly concentrate on networking and our own channels. Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, google (SEO/PPC), Newsletter, Media Releases, etc.